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2 years ago

v0.14.2 (2019-04-15)

This is a minor release on the 0.14 series. It includes performance improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improvements to how spack install handles foreground/background (#15723)
  • Major performance improvements for reading the package DB (#14693, #15777)
  • No longer check for the old index.yaml database file (#15298)
  • Properly activate environments with '-h' in the name (#15429)
  • External packages have correct .prefix in environments/views (#15475)
  • Improvements to computing env modifications from sourcing files (#15791)
  • Bugfix on Cray machines when getting TERM env variable (#15630)
  • Avoid adding spurious LMOD env vars to Intel modules (#15778)
  • Don't output [+] for mock installs run during tests (#15609)

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