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2 years ago

This is a bugfix release on top of v0.13.0. Specific fixes include:

  • spack find now displays variants and other spec constraints
  • bugfix: uninstall should find concrete specs by DAG hash (#13598)
  • environments: make shell modifications partially unconditional (#13523)
  • binary distribution: relocate text files properly in relative binaries (#13578)
  • bugfix: fetch prefers to fetch local mirrors over remote resources (#13545)
  • environments: only write when necessary (#13546)
  • bugfix: spack.util.url.join() now handles absolute paths correctly (#13488)
  • sbang: use utf-8 for encoding when patching (#13490)
  • Specs with quoted flags containing spaces are parsed correctly (#13521)
  • targets: print a warning message before downgrading (#13513)
  • Travis CI: Test Python 3.8 (#13347)
  • Documentation: Database.query methods share docstrings (#13515)
  • cuda: fix conflict statements for x86-64 targets (#13472)
  • cpu: fix clang flags for generic x86_64 (#13491)
  • syaml_int type should use int.repr rather than str.repr (#13487)
  • elpa: prefer 2016.05.004 until sse/avx/avx2 issues are resolved (#13530)
  • trilinos: temporarily constrain netcdf@:4.7.1 (#13526)

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