github spack/spack v0.12.0

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3 years ago

Major new features

  • Spack environments
  • spack.yaml and spack.lock files for tracking dependencies
  • Custom configurations via command line
  • Better support for linking Python packages into view directories
  • Packages have more control over compiler flags via flag handlers
  • Better support for module file generation
  • Better support for Intel compilers, Intel MPI, etc.
  • Many performance improvements, improved startup time


  • As of this release, all of Spack is permissively licensed under Apache-2.0 or MIT, at the user's option.
  • Consents from over 300 contributors were obtained to make this relicense possible.
  • Previous versions were distributed under the LGPL license, version 2.1.

New packages

Over 2,900 packages (800 added since last year)

Spack would not be possible without our community. Thanks to all of our
contributors for the
new features and packages in this release!

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