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This is Spack v0.10.0. With this release, we will start to push Spack releases more regularly. This is the last Spack release without automated package testing. With the next release, we will begin to run package tests in addition to unit tests.

Spack has grown rapidly from 422 to 1,114 packages, thanks to the hard work of over 100 contributors. Below is a condensed version of all the changes since v0.9.1.


  • Grew from 422 to 1,114 packages
    • Includes major updates like X11, Qt
    • Expanded HPC, R, and Python ecosystems


  • Major speed improvements for spack find and concretization
  • Completely reworked architecture support
    • Platforms can have front-end and back-end OS/target combinations
    • Much better support for Cray and BG/Q cross-compiled environments
  • Downloads are now cached locally
  • Support installations in deeply nested directories: patch long shebangs using sbang

Basic usage

  • Easier global configuration via config.yaml
    • customize install, stage, and cache locations
  • Hierarchical configuration scopes: default, site, user
    • Platform-specific scopes allow better per-platform defaults
  • Ability to set cflags, cxxflags, fflags on the command line
  • YAML-configurable support for both Lmod and tcl modules in mainline
  • spack install supports --dirty option for emergencies

For developers

  • Support multiple dependency types: build, link, and run
  • Added Package base classes for custom build systems
    • AutotoolsPackage, CMakePackage, PythonPackage, etc.
    • spack create now guesses many more build systems
  • Development environment integration with spack setup
  • New interface to pass linking information via spec objects
    • Currently used for BLAS/LAPACK/SCALAPACK libraries
    • Polymorphic virtual dependency attributes: spec['blas'].blas_libs

Testing & Documentation

  • Unit tests run continuously on Travis CI for Mac and Linux
  • Switched from nose to pytest for unit tests.
    • Unit tests take 1 minute now instead of 8
  • Massively expanded documentation
  • Docs are now hosted on

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