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23 days ago


The upcoming v7 release of Snipe-IT will require PHP 8.1 or greater

Happy Friday! Lots of fixes and improvements in this version. Here's the tldr;, with the full changelog below:

  • Added Somali translation
  • Fixed several label setting glitches
  • Fixed some API scoping issues where results were not as constrained as they should have been when searching
  • Added column selectors and signatures to the "print all assigned" page
  • Added 2FA reset logging (this shows up as a separate action, not a normal user edit)
  • Added AVIF as an accepted image format
  • Added ability to "toggle all" columns in the list views on most pages
  • Added the ability to "deep link" to search results in those list views
  • Updated the documentation to reflect that the php exif library is required


Upcoming Breaking API change! In between the last release and this one, we also discovered that a change we made midway through releases broke the Jamf2Snipe integration for adding/updating assets. We had changed the "shape" of the asset response to be more consistent with how we present that JSON in other API responses - however in doing so, we broke some of the Jamf2Snipe capabilities. We've reverted that change for now, but in the next release, we'll be adding that change back and updating the Jamf2Snipe library to match that capability.

We are noticing in some of the translations in CrowdIn that some trans_choice() translations are showing with a weird <unk> symbol instead of the pipe (|) symbol that the translations strings need in order to decide whether or not to pluralize a string. We've been fixing them as we find them, but if you see anything unusual, open an issue here or propose the change in our CrowdIn project.

What's Changed

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Full Changelog: v6.3.3...v6.3.4

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