github smorks/keepassnatmsg v2.0.15

latest release: v2.0.16
8 months ago
  • support multiple url like KPXC or KP2A (#101, thanks @akkuman)
  • Add ChromeKeePass to the list of allowed origins for native messaging (#102, thanks @Abestanis)
  • change update URL to github (#107)
  • get rid of warnings in actions

SHA256 Hash

    • 44d5e04d382407501c31bfa18092b20336293b37bd620db42577418d70ef1ac7
  • KeePassNatMsg.plgx
    • 78f854019bb29d889d5e8a4c447a68e9b1a7668be683630584bc2ac6828a499e

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