github smorks/keepassnatmsg v2.0.14

latest releases: v2.0.16, v2.0.15
2 years ago

some major changes in this release.

  • security fix: if the title or url fields exactly matched the hostname, without the scheme prefix (ie http, https), it would send the credentials without prompting. this has been changed now to always prompt, if it hasn't already been allowed.
  • data is now stored in Custom Data, it will prompt you to move your existing settings when opening a db with data in the legacy location.
  • added an option to use KeePassXC data keys (otherwise it will use it's own data, completely separate from KeePassXC)
  • added a plgx - should provide better compatibility, especially with non-official version of KeePass
  • binaries & plgx are built using github actions

SHA256 Hash

    • 81df1fc37db305c207075a2537397d689bab283e6e0581252357ec8cb992af9c
    • 46ad136164085454140458b25c968bc9ddb0aef1f365e3ae07735ca903d300d5
  • KeePassNatMsg.plgx
    • 7ba135c23535efacedec5d0764bb057f636d98d2a5cef7ffb8f435c477795b17
  • KeePassNsgMsg-kp2.45.plgx
    • 0489becdde3535b6e7b4253b521c5c0514dcabd51e1311e6ce97454f08eefed3

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