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6 months ago


  • Added hexencode and base64encode tasks (pipeline).
  • forwardingAllowed per job attribute to allow forwarding txs submitted by the job.
  • Keypath now supports paths with any depth, instead of limiting it to 2
  • Arbitrum chains are no longer restricted to only FixedPrice GAS_ESTIMATOR_MODE
  • Updated Arbitrum Rinkeby & Mainnet configurations for Nitro
  • Add Arbitrum Goerli configuration
  • It is now possible to use the same key across multiple chains.
  • NODE_SELECTION_MODE (EVM.NodePool.SelectionMode) controls node picking strategy. Supported values: HighestHead (default) and RoundRobin:
    • RoundRobin mode simply iterates among available alive nodes. This was the default behavior prior to this release.
    • HighestHead mode picks a node having the highest reported head number among other alive nodes. When several nodes have the same latest head number, the strategy sticks to the last used node.
      For chains having NODE_NO_NEW_HEADS_THRESHOLD=0 (such as Arbitrum, Optimism), the implementation will fall back to RoundRobin mode.
  • New keys eth chain command
    • This can also be accessed at /v2/keys/evm/chain.
    • Usage examples:
      • Manually (re)set a nonce:
        • chainlink keys eth chain --address "0xEXAMPLE" --evmChainID 99 --setNextNonce 42
      • Enable a key for a particular chain:
        • chainlink keys eth chain --address "0xEXAMPLE" --evmChainID 99 --enable
      • Disable a key for a particular chain:
        • chainlink keys eth chain --address "0xEXAMPLE" --evmChainID 99 --disable


  • The setnextnonce local client command has been removed, and replaced by a more general key/chain client command.
  • chainlink admin users update command is replaced with chainlink admin users chrole (only the role can be changed for a user)

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