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  • Chainlink will now fail to boot if the postgres database password is missing or too insecure. Passwords should conform to the following rules:
Must be longer than 12 characters
Must comprise at least 3 of:
	lowercase characters
	uppercase characters
Must not comprise:
	More than three identical consecutive characters
	Leading or trailing whitespace

For backward compatibility all insecure passwords will continue to work, however in a future version of Chainlink insecure passwords will prevent application boot.

  • MIN_OUTGOING_CONFIRMATIONS has been removed and no longer has any effect. EVM_FINALITY_DEPTH is now used as the default for ethtx confirmations instead. You may override this on a per-task basis by setting minConfirmations in the task definition e.g. foo [type=ethtx minConfirmations=42 ...]. NOTE: This may have a minor impact on performance on very high throughput chains. If you don't care about reporting task status in the UI, it is recommended to set minConfirmations=0 in your job specs. For more details, see the relevant section of the performance tuning guide.

  • The following ENV variables have been deprecated, and will be removed in a future release: INSECURE_SKIP_VERIFY, CLIENT_NODE_URL, ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_FILE. These vars only applied to Chainlink when running in client mode and have been replaced by command line args, notably: --insecure-skip-verify, --remote-node-url URL and --admin-credentials-file FILE respectively. More information can be found by running ./chainlink --help.

  • The Optimism2 GAS_ESTIMATOR_MODE has been renamed to L2Suggested. The old name is still supported for now.

  • The p2pBootstrapPeers property on OCR2 job specs has been renamed to p2pv2Bootstrappers.


  • Added ETH_USE_FORWARDERS config option to enable transactions forwarding contracts.
  • In job pipeline (direct request) the three new block variables are exposed:
    • $(jobRun.blockReceiptsRoot) : the root of the receipts trie of the block (hash)
    • $(jobRun.blockTransactionsRoot) : the root of the transaction trie of the block (hash)
    • $(jobRun.blockStateRoot) : the root of the final state trie of the block (hash)
  • ethtx tasks can now be configured to error if the transaction reverts on-chain. You must set failOnRevert=true on the task to enable this behavior, like so:

foo [type=ethtx failOnRevert=true ...]

So the ethtx task now works as follows:

If minConfirmations == 0, task always succeeds and nil is passed as output
If minConfirmations > 0, the receipt is passed through as output
If minConfirmations > 0 and failOnRevert=true then the ethtx task will error on revert

If minConfirmations is not set on the task, the chain default will be used which is usually 12 and always greater than 0.

  • http task now allows specification of request headers. Use like so: foo [type=http headers="[\\"X-Header-1\\", \\"value1\\", \\"X-Header-2\\", \\"value2\\"]"].


  • Fixed max_unconfirmed_age metric. Previously this would incorrectly report the max time since the last rebroadcast, capping the upper limit to the EthResender interval. This now reports the correct value of total time elapsed since the first broadcast.


  • The Optimism OVM 1.0 GAS_ESTIMATOR_MODE has been removed.

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