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12 months ago


  • Added support for the Nethermind Ethereum client.
  • Added support for batch sending telemetry to the ingress server to improve performance.
  • Added v2 P2P networking support (alpha)

New ENV vars:

  • ADVISORY_LOCK_CHECK_INTERVAL (default: 1s) - when advisory locking mode is enabled, this controls how often Chainlink checks to make sure it still holds the advisory lock. It is recommended to leave this at the default.
  • ADVISORY_LOCK_ID (default: 1027321974924625846) - when advisory locking mode is enabled, the application advisory lock ID can be changed using this env var. All instances of Chainlink that might run on a particular database must share the same advisory lock ID. It is recommended to leave this at the default.
  • LOG_FILE_DIR (default: chainlink root directory) - if LOG_TO_DISK is enabled, this env var allows you to override the output directory for logging.
  • SHUTDOWN_GRACE_PERIOD (default: 5s) - when node is shutting down gracefully and exceeded this grace period, it terminates immediately (trying to close DB connection) to avoid being SIGKILLed.
  • SOLANA_ENABLED (default: false) - set to true to enable Solana support
  • TERRA_ENABLED (default: false) - set to true to enable Terra support
  • BLOCK_HISTORY_ESTIMATOR_EIP1559_FEE_CAP_BUFFER_BLOCKS - if EIP1559 mode is enabled, this optional env var controls the buffer blocks to add to the current base fee when sending a transaction. By default, the gas bumping threshold + 1 block is used. It is not recommended to change this unless you know what you are doing.
  • TELEMETRY_INGRESS_BUFFER_SIZE (default: 100) - the number of telemetry messages to buffer before dropping new ones
  • TELEMETRY_INGRESS_MAX_BATCH_SIZE (default: 50) - the maximum number of messages to batch into one telemetry request
  • TELEMETRY_INGRESS_SEND_INTERVAL (default: 500ms) - the cadence on which batched telemetry is sent to the ingress server
  • TELEMETRY_INGRESS_USE_BATCH_SEND (default: true) - toggles sending telemetry using the batch client to the ingress server

Bootstrap job

Added a new bootstrap job type. This job removes the need for every job to implement their own bootstrapping logic.
OCR2 jobs with isBootstrapPeer=true are automatically migrated to the new format.
The spec parameters are similar to a basic OCR2 job, an example would be:

type            = "bootstrap"
name            = "bootstrap"
relay           = "evm"
schemaVersion	= 1
contractID      = "0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B"
chainID	        = 4


  • deleteuser CLI command.


EVM_DISABLED has been deprecated and replaced by EVM_ENABLED for consistency with other feature flags.
ETH_DISABLED has been deprecated and replaced by EVM_RPC_ENABLED for consistency, and because this was confusingly named. In most cases you want to set EVM_ENABLED=false and not EVM_RPC_ENABLED=false.

Log colorization is now disabled by default because it causes issues when piped to text files. To re-enable log colorization, set LOG_COLOR=true.

Polygon/matic defaults changed

Due to increasingly hostile network conditions on Polygon we have had to increase a number of default limits. This is to work around numerous and very deep re-orgs, high mempool pressure and a failure by the network to propagate transactions properly. These new limits are likely to increase load on both your Chainlink node and database, so please be sure to monitor CPU and memory usage on both and make sure they are adequately specced to handle the additional load.

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