github smartcontractkit/chainlink v1.12.0

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one month ago


  • Prometheus gauge mailbox_load_percent for percent of "Mailbox" capacity used.
  • New config option, JobPipeline.MaxSuccessfulRuns caps the total number of
    saved completed runs per job. This is done in response to the pipeline_runs
    table potentially becoming large, which can cause performance degradation.
    The default is set to 10,000. You can set it to 0 to disable run saving
    entirely. NOTE: This can only be configured via TOML and not with an
    environment variable.
  • Prometheus gauge vector feeds_job_proposal_count to track counts of job proposals partitioned by proposal status.
  • Support for variable expression for the minConfirmations parameter on the ethtx task.


  • Removed KEEPER_TURN_FLAG_ENABLED as all networks/nodes have switched this to true now. The variable should be completely removed my NOPs.
  • Removed Keeper.UpkeepCheckGasPriceEnabled config (KEEPER_CHECK_UPKEEP_GAS_PRICE_FEATURE_ENABLED in old env var configuration) as this feature is deprecated now. The variable should be completely removed by NOPs.


  • Fixed (SQLSTATE 42P18) error on Job Runs page, when attempting to view specific older or infrequenty run jobs
  • The config dump subcommand was fixed to dump the correct config data.
    • The P2P.V1.Enabled config logic incorrectly matched V2, by only setting explicit true values so that otherwise the default is used. The V1.Enabled default value is actually true already, and is now updated to only set explicit false values.
    • The [EVM.Transactions] config fields MaxQueued & MaxInFlight will now correctly match ETH_MAX_QUEUED_TRANSACTIONS & ETH_MAX_IN_FLIGHT_TRANSACTIONS.

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