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  • New EVM.NodePool.SelectionMode TotalDifficulty to use the node with the greatest total difficulty.
  • Add the following prometheus metrics (labelled by bridge name) for monitoring external adapter queries:
    • bridge_latency_seconds
    • bridge_errors_total
    • bridge_cache_hits_total
    • bridge_cache_errors_total
  • EVM.NodePool.SyncThreshold to ensure that live nodes do not lag too far behind.
SyncThreshold = 5 # Default

SyncThreshold controls how far a node may lag behind the best node before being marked out-of-sync.
Depending on SelectionMode, this represents a difference in the number of blocks (HighestHead, RoundRobin), or total difficulty (TotalDifficulty).

Set to 0 to disable this check.

TOML Configuration (experimental)

Chainlink now supports static configuration via TOML files as an alternative to the existing combination of environment variables and persisted database configurations.

This is currently experimental, but in the future (with v2.0.0), it will become mandatory as the only supported configuration method. Avoid using TOML for configuration unless running on a test network for this release.

How to use

TOML configuration can be enabled by simply using the new -config <filename> flag or CL_CONFIG environment variable.
Multiple files can be used (-c configA.toml -c configB.toml), and will be applied in order with duplicated fields overriding any earlier values.

Existing nodes can automatically generate their equivalent TOML configuration via the config dump subcommand.
Secrets must be configured manually and passed via -secrets <filename> or equivalent environment variables.

Format details: •

Note: You cannot mix legacy environment variables with TOML configuration. Leaving any legacy env vars set will fail validation and prevent boot.


Dump your current configuration as TOML.

chainlink config dump > config.toml

Inspect your full effective configuration, and ensure it is valid. This includes defaults.

chainlink --config config.toml --secrets secrets.toml config validate

Run the node.

chainlink -c config.toml -s secrets.toml node start

Bridge caching

  • Default: 0s

When set to d units of time, this variable enables using cached bridge responses that are at most d units old. Caching is disabled by default.

Example BridgeCacheTTL=10s, BridgeCacheTTL=1m


  • Fixed a minor bug whereby Chainlink would not always resend all pending transactions when using multiple keys


  • NODE_NO_NEW_HEADS_THRESHOLD=0 no longer requires NODE_SELECTION_MODE=RoundRobin.

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