github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.9.7

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2 years ago


  • OCR bootstrap node now sends telemetry to the endpoint specified in the OCR job spec under MonitoringEndpoint.
  • Adds "Account addresses" table to the /keys page.


  • Old jobs now allow duplicate job names. Also, if the name field is empty we no longer generate a name.


  • Brings /runs tab back to the operator UI.
  • Signs out a user from operator UI on authentication error.


  • Removes broken ACCOUNT_ADDRESS field from /config page.


  • Commands for creating/managing legacy jobs and OCR jobs have changed, to reduce confusion and accomodate additional types of jobs using the new pipeline.

V1 jobs

jobs archive => job_specs archive
jobs create => job_specs create
jobs list => job_specs list
jobs show => job_specs show

V2 jobs (currently only applies to OCR)

jobs createocr => jobs create
jobs deletev2 => jobs delete
jobs run => jobs run

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