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2 years ago


Numerous key-related UX improvements:

  • All key-related commands have been consolidated under the chainlink keys subcommand:
    • chainlink createextrakey => chainlink keys eth create
    • chainlink admin info => chainlink keys eth list
    • chainlink node p2p [create|list|delete] => chainlink keys p2p [create|list|delete]
    • chainlink node ocr [create|list|delete] => chainlink keys ocr [create|list|delete]
    • chainlink node vrf [create|list|delete] => chainlink keys vrf [create|list|delete]
  • Deleting OCR key bundles and P2P key bundles now archives them (i.e., soft delete) so that they can be recovered if needed. If you want to hard delete a key, pass the new --hard flag to the command, e.g. chainlink keys p2p delete --hard 6.
  • Output from ETH/OCR/P2P/VRF key CLI commands now renders consistently.
  • Deleting an OCR/P2P/VRF key now requires confirmation from the user. To skip confirmation (e.g. in shell scripts), pass --yes or -y.
  • The --ocrpassword flag has been removed. OCR/P2P keys now share the same password at the ETH key (i.e., the password specified with the --password flag).
  • Two new env variables are added P2P_ANNOUNCE_IP and P2P_ANNOUNCE_PORT which allow node operators to override locally detected values for the chainlink node's externally reachable IP/port.
  • OCR_LISTEN_IP and OCR_LISTEN_PORT have been renamed to P2P_LISTEN_IP and P2P_LISTEN_PORT for consistency.
  • Support for adding a job with the same name as one that was deleted.


  • Fixed an issue where the HTTP adapter would send an empty body on retries.

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