github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.9.2

latest releases: v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320, v1.13.0, v1.13.0-rc2...
2 years ago


  • Bulletproof transaction manager enabled by default
  • Fluxmonitor support enabled by default
  • Remove configuration option ORACLE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS, it had no effect
  • Add configuration option OPERATOR_CONTRACT_ADDRESS, it filters the contract addresses the node should listen to for Run Logs
  • At startup, the chainlink node will create a new funding address. This will initially be used to pay for cancelling stuck transactions.


  • Improve transaction manager architecture to be more compatible with ETH_SECONDARY_URL option (i.e. concurrent transaction submission to multiple different eth nodes). This also comes with some minor performance improvements in the tx manager and more correct handling of some extremely rare edge cases.
  • As a side-effect, we now no longer handle the case where an external wallet used the chainlink ethereum private key to send a transaction. This use-case was already explicitly unsupported, but we made a best-effort attempt to handle it. We now make no attempt at all to handle it and doing this WILL result in your node not sending the data that it expected to be sent for the nonces that were used by an external wallet.
  • Operator UI now shows booleans correctly


  • ETH_MAX_GAS_PRICE_WEI now 1500Gwei by default

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