github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.8.8

latest releases: contracts-v0.6.1, v1.13.0-healthchecks1, v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320...
2 years ago


  • ethtx tasks now support a new parameter, minRequiredOutgoingConfirmations which allows you to tune how many confirmations are required before moving on from an ethtx task on a per task basis (only works with BulletproofTxManager). If it is not supplied, the default of MIN_OUTGOING_CONFIRMATIONS is used (same as the old behaviour).


  • HeadTracker now automatically backfills missing heads up to ETH_FINALITY_DEPTH

Breaking changes

  • admin withdraw command has been removed. This was only ever useful to withdraw LINK if the Oracle contract was owned by the Chainlink node address. It is no longer recommended to have the Oracle owner be the chainlink node address.
  • Fixed txs create to send the amount in Eth not in Wei (as per the documentation)

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