github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.8.5

latest releases: contracts-v0.6.1, v1.13.0-healthchecks1, v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320...
2 years ago


  • The chainlink node can now be configured to backfill logs from n blocks after a connection to the ethereum client is reset. This value is specified with an environment variable BLOCK_BACKFILL_DEPTH.
  • The chainlink node now sets file permissions on sensitive files on startup (tls, .api, .env, .password and secret)


  • Solidity: Renamed the previous AggregatorInterface.sol to HistoricAggregatorInterface.sol. Users are encouraged to use the new methods introduced on the AggregatorInterface(getRoundData and latestRoundData), as they return metadata to indicate freshness of the data in a single cross-contract call.
  • Solidity: Marked HistoricAggregatorInterface methods (latestAnswer, latestRound, latestTimestamp, getAnswer, getTimestamp) as deprecated on FluxAggregator, WhitelistedAggregator, AggregatorProxy, WhitelistedAggregatorProxy.


  • Fluxmonitor jobs now respect the minPayment field on job specs and won't poll if the contract does not have sufficient funding. This allows certain jobs to require a larger payment than MINIMUM_CONTRACT_PAYMENT.

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