github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.8.4

latest releases: v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320, v1.13.0, v1.13.0-rc2...
2 years ago

Breaking changes



  • Fluxmonitor initiators may now optionally include an absoluteThreshold parameter. To trigger a new on-chain report, the absolute difference in the feed value must change by at least the absoluteThreshold value. If it is unspecified or zero, fluxmonitor behavior is unchanged.


  • Fix incorrect permissions on some files written by the node
  • Prevent a case where duplicate ethereum keys could be added
  • Improve robustness and reliability of ethtx transaction logic

Database Migrations

  • Add created_at and updated_at to all tables allowing for better historical insights. This migration may take a minute or two on large databases.

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