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2 years ago

Breaking changes

New cron jobs MUST now include time zone. For example if you want your jobs to run in UTC:
CRON_TZ=UTC * * * * *.

A full list can be found here: You need to specify the TZ Database name.

Previously, jobs specified without a time zone would run in the server's native time zone, which in most cases is UTC but this was never guaranteed. This behaviour is now disabled for new jobs, because it is ambiguous.

Old jobs will continue to run AS IS and run on the servers timezone.


  • Fix crash in experimental gas updater when run on Kovan network

Database Migrations

There a number of database migrations included in this release as part of our ongoing effort to make the node even more reliable and stable, and build a firm foundation for future development.

If you have made custom edits to your database, the migration might fail. If this happens you will need to fix the offending data manually and run the migration again.

If you have very large tables, these migrations may take several minutes.

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