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2 years ago

Chainlink 0.8.2 is a minor release


  • Several indexes and optimisations which result in improved database performance. You should see significantly reduced load on your DB running this release.
  • A gas price updater is now built into core. This is designed to automatically increase the gas price in the event of network congestion, which should allow the node to more gracefully handle network congestion events such as the one we experienced on Thursday 12 March (Black Thursday). It is experimental and currently disabled by default. Tunable parameters are:
    • GAS_UPDATER_ENABLED - turns on the automatic gas updater if set to true
    • GAS_UPDATER_BLOCK_DELAY - number of blocks that the gas updater trails behind head
    • GAS_UPDATER_BLOCK_HISTORY_SIZE - number of past blocks to keep in memory
    • GAS_UPDATER_TRANSACTION_PERCENTILE - percentile gas price to choose. E.g. if the block history contains four transactions with gas prices [100, 200, 300, 400] then picking 25 for this number will give a value of 200. If the calculated gas price is higher than ETH_GAS_PRICE_DEFAULT then the higher price will be used as the base price for new transactions. Node operators are encouraged to reach out to us before experimenting with these settings.


  • Fix crash when attempting to save job spec with missing bridge
  • The Delete Run section in Configuration section of the UI has been fixed and extended so the buttons properly remove runs and all associated data. Use this if you want to greatly reduce the size of your database. Don't forget to take a backup first.

Database Migrations

This release contains some database migrations that help with the performance improvements. We tested these migrations on our production node and it took less than 10 seconds. It may take longer if you have a very large database (millions of rows). These migrations run on application start, so be prepared for that.

Also note that as part of these migrations we clean up and remove some bad data. Be sure to take a full database backup before upgrading.

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