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2 years ago


  • Chainlink header images to the following files: root, core,
    evm-contracts, and evm-test-helpers.
  • Database migrations: new log_consumptions records will contain the number of the associated block.
    This migration will allow future version of chainlink to automatically clean up unneeded log_consumption records.
    This migration should execute very fast.


Previously when the node was overloaded with heads there was a minor possibility it could get backed up with a very large head queue, and become unstable. Now, we drop heads instead in this case and noisily emit an error. This means the node should more gracefully handle overload conditions, although this is still dangerous and node operators should deal with it immediately to avoid missing jobs.

A new environment variable is introduced to configure this, called ETH_HEAD_TRACKER_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE. It is recommended to leave this set to the default of "3".

A new prometheus metric is also introduced to track dropped heads, called head_tracker_num_heads_dropped. You may wish to set an alert on a rule such as increase(chainlink_dropped_heads[5m]) > 0.

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