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2 years ago


  • Job specs now support pinning to multiple keys using the new fromAddresses field in the ethtx task spec.


  • Using fromAddress in ethtx task specs has been deprecated. Please use fromAddresses instead.

Breaking changes

  • Support for RunLogTopic0original and RunLogTopic20190123withFullfillmentParams logs has been dropped. This should not affect any users since these logs predate Chainlink's mainnet launch and have never been used on mainnet.

IMPORTANT: The selection mechanism for keys has changed. When an ethtx task spec is not pinned to a particular key by defining fromAddress or fromAddresses, the node will now cycle through all available keys in round robin fashion. This is a change from the previous behaviour where nodes would only pick the earliest created key.

This is done to allow increases in throughput when a node operator has multiple whitelisted addresses for their oracle.

If your node has multiple keys, you will need to take one of the three following actions:

  1. Make sure all keys are valid for all job specs
  2. Pin job specs to a valid subset of key(s) using fromAddresses
  3. Delete the key(s) you don't want to use

If your node only has one key, no action is required.

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