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20 months ago


FMv2, Keeper and OCR jobs now use a new strategy for sending transactions. By default, if multiple transactions are queued up, only the latest one will be sent. This should greatly reduce the number of stale rounds and reverted transactions, and help node operators to save significant gas especially during times of high congestion or when catching up on a deep backlog.

Defaults should work well, but it can be controlled if necessary using the following new env vars:


Setting to 0 will disable (the old behaviour). Setting to 1 (the default) will keep only the latest transaction queued up at any given time. Setting to 2, 3 etc will allow this many transactions to be queued before starting to drop older items.

Note that it has no effect on FMv1 jobs. Node operators will need to upgrade to FMv2 to take advantage of this feature.

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