github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.10.7

latest releases: contracts-v0.6.1, v1.13.0-healthchecks1, v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320...
22 months ago


  • If a CLI command is issued after the session has expired, and an api credentials file is found, auto login should now work.

  • GasUpdater now works on RSK and xDai

  • Offchain reporting jobs that have had a latest round requested can now be deleted from the UI without error


  • Add ETH_GAS_LIMIT_MULTIPLIER configuration option, the gas limit is multiplied by this value before transmission. So a value of 1.1 will add 10% to the on chain gas limit when a transaction is submitted.

  • Add ETH_MIN_GAS_PRICE_WEI configuration option. This defaults to 1Gwei on mainnet. Chainlink will never send a transaction at a price lower than this value.

  • Add chainlink node db migrate for running database migrations. It's
    recommended to use this and set MIGRATE_DATABASE=false if you want to run
    the migrations separately outside of application startup.


  • Chainlink now automatically cleans up old eth_txes to reduce database size. By default, any eth_txes older than a week are pruned on a regular basis. It is recommended to use the default value, however the default can be overridden by setting the ETH_TX_REAPER_THRESHOLD env var e.g. ETH_TX_REAPER_THRESHOLD=24h. Reaper can be disabled entirely by setting ETH_TX_REAPER_THRESHOLD=0. The reaper will run on startup and again every hour (interval is configurable using ETH_TX_REAPER_INTERVAL).

  • Heads corresponding to new blocks are now delivered in a sampled way, which is to improve
    node performance on fast chains. The frequency is by default 1 second, and can be changed

  • Database backups: default directory is now a subdirectory 'backup' of chainlink root dir, and can be changed
    to any chosed directory by setting a new configuration value: DATABASE_BACKUP_DIR

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