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22 months ago


  • Add MockOracle.sol for testing contracts

  • New CLI command to convert v1 flux monitor jobs (JSON) to
    v2 flux monitor jobs (TOML). Running it will archive the v1
    job and create a new v2 job. Example:

// Get v1 job ID:
chainlink job_specs list
// Migrate it to v2:
chainlink jobs migrate fe279ed9c36f4eef9dc1bdb7bef21264

// To undo the migration:
1. Archive the v2 job in the UI
2. Unarchive the v1 job manually in the db:
update job_specs set deleted_at = null where id = 'fe279ed9-c36f-4eef-9dc1-bdb7bef21264'
  • Improved support for Optimism chain. Added a new boolean OPTIMISM_GAS_FEES configuration variable which makes a call to estimate gas before all transactions, suitable for use with Optimism's L2 chain. When this option is used ETH_GAS_LIMIT_DEFAULT is ignored.

  • Chainlink now supports routing certain calls to the eth node over HTTP instead of websocket, when available. This has a number of advantages - HTTP is more robust and simpler than websockets, reducing complexity and allowing us to make large queries without running the risk of hitting websocket send limits. The HTTP url should point to the same node as the ETH_URL and can be specified with an env var like so: ETH_HTTP_URL=https://my.ethereumnode.example/endpoint.

Adding an HTTP endpoint is particularly recommended for BSC, which is hitting websocket limitations on certain queries due to its large block size.

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