github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.10.5

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23 months ago


  • Add MockOracle.sol for testing contracts
  • Cron jobs can now be created for the v2 job pipeline:
type            = "cron"
schemaVersion   = 1
schedule        = "*/10 * * * *"
observationSource   = """
ds          [type=http method=GET url=""];
ds_parse    [type=jsonparse path="data"];
ds -> ds_parse;


  • Default for JOB_PIPELINE_REAPER_THRESHOLD has been reduced from 1 week to 1 day to save database space. This variable controls how long past job run history for OCR is kept. To keep the old behaviour, you can set JOB_PIPELINE_REAPER_THRESHOLD=168h
  • Removed support for the env var JOB_PIPELINE_PARALLELISM.
  • OCR jobs no longer show TaskRuns in success cases. This reduces
    DB load and significantly improves the performance of archiving OCR jobs.
  • Archiving OCR jobs should be 5-10x faster.


  • Added GAS_UPDATER_BATCH_SIZE option to workaround websocket: read limit exceeded issues on BSC

  • Basic support for Optimism chain: node no longer gets stuck with 'nonce too low' error if connection is lost

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