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[0.10.4] - 2021-04-05


  • VRF Jobs now support an optional coordinatorAddress field that, when present, will tell the node to check the fulfillment status of any VRF request before attempting the fulfillment transaction. This will assist in the effort to run multiple nodes with one VRF key.


It's now possible to configure database backups: on node start and separately, to be run at given frequency.

DATABASE_BACKUP_MODE enables the initial backup on node start (with one of the values: none, lite, full where lite excludes
potentially large tables related to job runs, among others). Additionally, if DATABASE_BACKUP_FREQUENCY variable is set to a duration of
at least '1m', it enables periodic backups.

DATABASE_BACKUP_URL can be optionally set to point to e.g. a database replica, in order to avoid excessive load on the main one.

Example settings:

DATABASE_BACKUP_MODE="full" and DATABASE_BACKUP_FREQUENCY not set, will run a full back only at the start of the node.
DATABASE_BACKUP_MODE="lite" and DATABASE_BACKUP_FREQUENCY="1h" will lead to a partial backup on node start and then again a partial backup every one hour.

  • Added periodic resending of eth transactions. This means that we no longer rely exclusively on gas bumping to resend unconfirmed transactions that got "lost" for whatever reason. This has two advantages:
    1. Chainlink no longer relies on gas bumping settings to ensure our transactions always end up in the mempool
    2. Chainlink will continue to resend existing transactions even in the event that heads are delayed. This is especially useful on chains like Arbitrum which have very long wait times between heads.

Periodic resending can be controlled using the ETH_TX_RESEND_AFTER_THRESHOLD env var (default 30s). Unconfirmed transactions will be resent periodically at this interval. It is recommended to leave this at the default setting, but it can be set to any valid duration or to 0 to disable periodic resending.

  • Logging can now be configured in the Operator UI.


  • Chainlink node now automatically sets the correct nonce on startup if you are restoring from a previous backup (manual setnextnonce is no longer necessary).

  • Flux monitor jobs should now work correctly with outlier-detection and market-closure external adapters.

  • Performance improvements to OCR job adds. Removed the pipeline_task_specs table
    and added a new column dot_id to the pipeline_task_runs table which links a pipeline_task_run
    to a dotID in the pipeline_spec.dot_dag_source.

  • Fixed bug where node will occasionally submit an invalid OCR transmission which reverts with "address not authorized to sign".

  • Fixed bug where a node will sometimes double submit on runlog jobs causing reverted transactions on-chain

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