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2 years ago


  • Add ADMIN_CREDENTIALS_FILE configuration variable

This variable defaults to $ROOT/apicredentials and when defined / the
file exists, any command using the CLI that requires authentication will use it
to automatically log in.

  • Add ETH_MAX_UNCONFIRMED_TRANSACTIONS configuration variable

Chainlink node now has a maximum number of unconfirmed transactions that
may be in flight at any one time (per key).

If this limit is reached, further attempts to send transactions will fail
and the relevant job will be marked as failed.

Jobs will continue to fail until at least one transaction is confirmed
and the queue size is reduced. This is introduced as a sanity limit to
prevent unbounded sending of transactions e.g. in the case that the eth
node is failing to broadcast to the network.

The default is set to 500 which considered high enough that it should
never be reached under normal operation. This limit can be changed
by setting the ETH_MAX_UNCONFIRMED_TRANSACTIONS environment variable.

  • Support requestNewRound in libocr

requestNewRound enables dedicated requesters to request a fresh report to
be sent to the contract right away regardless of heartbeat or deviation.

  • New prometheus metric:
Name: "head_tracker_eth_connection_errors",
Help: "The total number of eth node connection errors",
  • Gas bumping can now be disabled by setting ETH_GAS_BUMP_THRESHOLD=0

  • Support for arbitrum


  • Improved handling of the case where we exceed the configured TX fee cap in

Node will now fatally error jobs if the total transaction costs exceeds the
configured cap (default 1 Eth). Also, it will no longer continue to bump gas on
transactions that started hitting this limit and instead continue to resubmit
at the highest price that worked.

Node operators should check their geth nodes and remove this cap if configured,
you can do this by running your geth node with --rpc.gascap=0 --rpc.txfeecap=0 or setting these values in your config toml.

  • Make head backfill asynchronous. This should eliminate some harmless but
    annoying errors related to backfilling heads, logged on startup and
    occasionally during normal operation on fast chains like Kovan.

  • Improvements to the GasUpdater

Various efficiency and correctness improvements have been made to the
GasUpdater. It places less load on the ethereum node and now features re-org

Most notably, GasUpdater no longer takes a 24 block delay to "warm up" on
application start and instead loads all relevant block history immediately.
This means that the application gas price will always be updated correctly
after reboot before the first transaction is ever sent, eliminating the previous
scenario where the node could send underpriced or overpriced transactions for a
period after a reboot, until the gas updater caught up.


  • Bump ORM_MAX_OPEN_CONNS default from 10 to 20
  • Bump ORM_MAX_IDLE_CONNS default from 5 to 10

Each Chainlink node will now use a maximum of 23 database connections (up from previous max of 13). Make sure your postgres database is tuned accordingly, especially if you are running multiple Chainlink nodes on a single database. If you find yourself hitting connection limits, you can consider reducing ORM_MAX_OPEN_CONNS but this may result in degraded performance.

  • The global env var JOB_PIPELINE_MAX_TASK_DURATION is no longer supported
    for OCR jobs.

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