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18 months ago


  • FMv2 spec now contains DrumbeatRandomDelay parameter that can be used to introduce variation between round of submits of different oracles, if drumbeat ticker is enabled.

  • OCR Hibernation


V2 direct request specs now support two additional keys:

  • "requesters" key which allows to whitelist requesters
  • "minContractPaymentLinkJuels" key which allows to specify a job-specific minimum contract payment.

For example:

type                        = "directrequest"
schemaVersion               = 1
requesters                  = ["0xaaaa1F8ee20f5565510B84f9353F1E333E753B7a", "0xbbbb70F0e81C6F3430dfdC9fa02fB22BdD818C4e"] # optional
minContractPaymentLinkJuels = "100000000000000" # optional
name                        = "example eth request event spec with requesters"
contractAddress             = "..."
externalJobID               = "..."
observationSource           = """

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