github smartcontractkit/chainlink v0.10.0

latest releases: contracts-v0.6.1, v1.13.0-healthchecks1, v1.13.0-healthchecks-20230320...
2 years ago


  • Fix a case where archiving jobs could try to delete it from the external initiator even if the job was not an EI job.
  • Fixed a fluxmonitor job bug where submitting a value outside the acceptable range would stall the job permanently. Now a job spec error will be thrown if the polled answer is outside the acceptable range and no ethtx will be submitted. As additional protection, we also now check the receipts of the ethtx's and if they were reverted, we mark the ethtx task as failed.
  • Improved performance of the transaction manager by fetching receipts in batches. This should help prevent the node from getting stuck when processing large numbers of OCR jobs.
  • Squashed migrations into a single 1_initial migration. If you were running a version older than 0.9.10, you need to upgrade to 0.9.10 first before upgrading to the next version so that the migrations are run.


  • A new Operator UI feature that visualize JSON and TOML job spec tasks on a 'New Job' page.

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