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Step CLI v0.19.0 (22-04-19)

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Official Release Artifacts


OSX Darwin


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Signatures and Checksums

step uses sigstore/cosign for signing and verifying release artifacts.

Below is an example using cosign to verify a release artifact:

cosign verify-blob \
  -key \
  -signature ~/Downloads/step_darwin_0.19.0_amd64.tar.gz.sig

The checksums.txt file (in the 'Assets' section below) contains a checksum for every artifact in the release.


  • a89c884 bump certificates 0.19.0
  • a80350a Merge pull request #667 from smallstep/max/certinfo
  • bcfb969 bump certinfo and change default go.mod gover
  • 06a5529 [action] pin goreleaser version to avoid scoop bug
  • d482ec9 [action] update codecov action
  • 4813bf5 Merge pull request #666 from smallstep/herman/changelogs-20220419
  • 492f247 Update changelog for v0.19.0
  • 22e56e5 Merge pull request #662 from smallstep/max/latest
  • bebd35f Merge pull request #663 from smallstep/update/certificates
  • 4d54931 go mod tidy
  • 72f9162 Remove replace.
  • ed7b67c Upgrade certificates
  • dd7b438 rename s3 step binaries to be step_
  • b6adb57 Merge pull request #647 from smallstep/feat/renewAfterExpiry
  • 2b0404f Merge branch 'master' into feat/renewAfterExpiry
  • ff508dc Rename flag and claim to allow-renewal-after-expiry
  • 73a6860 Format comment.
  • bfe3c8b Fix typo in comment.
  • 4a1848d Update issuer when generating renew token.
  • 71d6b34 Fix typo in help
  • 30fd159 Clarify error message.
  • ef532b6 Use a fixed string as an issuer.
  • 023bec0 Merge pull request #652 from 1984gobrr/add-alg-sha1-fingerprint
  • 8995763 Fix small text changes
  • d123bec Add --sha1 in certificate fingerprint
  • c0ddcde Add other url formats for certificate inspect (#653)
  • df0d8fb Merge pull request #659 from smallstep/areed/update-linter-go18
  • 842cf84 golangci-lint v1.45.2 avoids panic on Go 1.18
  • 41f9a6c Merge pull request #646 from vijayjt/azure-user-mi-token
  • 5c1724a Merge pull request #654 from smallstep/go/1.18
  • e599b7c Use errors.New instead of fmt.Errorf as there is not formatting.
  • 86e2e3e Fix unit test.
  • 1594c34 Change build system to use Go 1.18
  • 4a0b2f0 Update certificates.
  • f1e39e6 Change VirtualMachine to ResourceName
  • 7646eb9 Add optional SHA1 fingerprint output for certificates
  • 3950df1 Upgrade dependencies.
  • d72c1f7 Allow to generate renewal tokens with step ca token
  • 0f26af5 Add support for --allow-renew-after-expiry when adding provisioners
  • 9d6712d Merge pull request #649 from smallstep/panos/envrc
  • 2136917 git: ignore .envrc files
  • eb1d58f Add support for the --x5c-insecure flag in step ca token
  • b187f6e Implement necessary interfaces in the offline client.
  • c2e4d29 Add support for renew after expiry in step ca renew
  • 5b37db8 Add missing flag in help
  • a2fa3d9 [action] Bump golangci-lint version in release workflow
  • 07d1385 Allow to set the x5cInsecure header on step crypto jwt sign
  • 5688694 Support Azure tokens from managed identities not associated with a VM
  • 56cb107 Merge pull request #645 from smallstep/changelog/update
  • 58c2954 Add entries for PR #642 in changellog
  • 57b7033 Merge pull request #642 from vijayjt/new-azure-token-authz-options
  • 111d7a0 Merge branch 'master' into new-azure-token-authz-options
  • 7f71eed Fix flag names for cloud provisioners on update command
  • 99f0e19 Update certificates to v0.18.2 and other indirect dependencies
  • ec7319e Update linkedca dependency to v0.10.0
  • f14c3f4 Update createAzureDetails and updateAzureDetails to handle new flags for subscription and object ids
  • 618b660 Fix azure-object-id flag name
  • cc02160 Rename new flags as per feedback to remove AAD from the name
  • a474701 Correct typos
  • 02edca4 Add options for specifying the subscription and object IDs with the Azure provisioner


Those were the changes on v0.19.0!

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