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Step CLI v0.18.2 (22-03-01)

latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.3-rc1
2 months ago

Official Release Artifacts


OSX Darwin


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Signatures and Checksums

step uses sigstore/cosign for signing and verifying release artifacts.

Below is an example using cosign to verify a release artifact:

cosign verify-blob \
  -key \
  -signature ~/Downloads/step_darwin_0.18.2_amd64.tar.gz.sig

The checksums.txt file (in the 'Assets' section below) contains a checksum for every artifact in the release.


  • 93151e2 changelog update v0.18.2
  • 227509c whitespace
  • 07cf2c8 Merge pull request #644 from smallstep/herman/copyright-year
  • d0d7ad2 Make copyright year dynamic
  • ef0302d Merge pull request #634 from smallstep/herman/acme-api
  • 0408f80 Merge pull request #640 from smallstep/herman/increase-account-column-size
  • 1c6c0c2 Increase column width for ACME Account ID
  • 81d1d3d Merge pull request #637 from smallstep/herman/changelogs-20220215
  • 03fb2ef Merge pull request #636 from smallstep/proxycommand-password-file
  • 6e569cb Update changelog
  • 51513d9 Merge pull request #612 from smallstep/herman/context-directory
  • 870b028 Remove unused properties from default context settings
  • 25ce408 Add the --provisioner-password-file to proxycommand.
  • 4b0b55a Pin to latest
  • 6d764bd Add message to ACME Admin NotImplemented errors
  • a484295 Merge pull request #633 from smallstep/offline
  • 5efe40f use ctx.Bool in flag check and make fmt
  • b17f29c Merge pull request #628 from ooraini/master
  • ebf3019 Formatting the conditional
  • 7466b9a Update flags.go
  • 565c6e0 Fix #627
  • 3951e3a Merge pull request #610 from smallstep/herman/allow-ip-dns
  • 8dd50fb Remove weird IPv6 case
  • 1dfadef Merge pull request #632 from smallstep/crl-inspect-tweaks
  • 6452e4f Revert integration test changes
  • 9274b0f InvalidReason -> Reason
  • b76b18c Improvements to CRL inspect
  • f855bda Merge pull request #630 from smallstep/herman/fix-acme-ip-sans-csr
  • 1ade8d1 Add IPs as SANs when performing ACME flow with existing CSR
  • b1185a6 Bootstrap into context directory
  • cbe6fd0 Merge branch 'master' into herman/context-directory
  • 4c731db Remove debug fmt.Println
  • 14713cb Improve handling of IPv6 addresses
  • 9c6632d Merge branch 'master' into herman/allow-ip-dns
  • 8a848bc Change authority and profile to default to context name when set
  • bd67bd5 Normalize IPv6 addresses as IPs instead of hostnames


Those were the changes on v0.18.2!

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