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Step CLI v0.18.1-rc1 (21-12-02)

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Official Release Artifacts


OSX Darwin


For more builds across platforms and architectures see the Assets section below.
And for packaged versions (Homebrew, Scoop, etc.), see our installation docs.

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Signatures and Checksums

step uses sigstore/cosign for signing and verifying release artifacts.

Below is an example using cosign to verify a release artifact:

cosign verify-blob \
  -key \
  -signature ~/Downloads/step_darwin_0.18.1-rc1_amd64.tar.gz.sig

The checksums.txt file (in the 'Assets' section below) contains a checksum for every artifact in the release.


  • abe0302 Upgrade goreleaser/goreleaser-action
  • 4e6ea29 Filename fix
  • 0c5feff Merge branch 'master' into rpm
  • 8ffd8b1 Comments
  • 90f7ec7 Release page filenames; don't install debhelper pacakage
  • 4b751b8 Better comments
  • f65db87 Updated Debian nFPM workflow
  • 1b2b750 Merge pull request #588 from smallstep/max/arg-consistency
  • 221b2ed consistency for positional arg in cert subcommand
  • d2a7fb8 usr/bin/step
  • 6f88e94 Tweaks
  • 30d2674 Fixes #585
  • 0361a8d Add a note about the S3 bucket redirects
  • deb54f1 Move cert-renewer systemd timer from smallstep/certificates to smallstep/cli
  • e56ac26 WIP
  • 47b119a Merge pull request #586 from elyscape/fix-autocomplete
  • 295bc4d Update autocomplete scripts from urfave/cli
  • 5bbf91d [action] docs reference branch should be main


Those were the changes on v0.18.1-rc1!

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