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Step CLI v0.18.0 (21-11-17)

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Official Release Artifacts


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Signatures and Checksums

step uses sigstore/cosign for signing and verifying release artifacts.

Below is an example using cosign to verify a release artifact:

cosign verify-blob \
  -key \
  -signature ~/Downloads/step_darwin_0.18.0_amd64.tar.gz.sig

The checksums.txt file (in the 'Assets' section below) contains a checksum for every artifact in the release.


9217f8c Merge pull request #531 from smallstep/max/steppath
100980b Fixing linter errors
c5ae7cf changelog update | bump to ca v0.18.0 | go mod tidy
e1ce7de Merge branch 'master' into max/steppath
d2e8ce4 Merge pull request #581 from smallstep/max/lint
85db9d5 Remove context from version and bump cli-utils
29a2572 %q: -> "%s:"
f07914b bump to cli-utils
737b82b context remove should prevent removing reused authorities and profiles
e3d4f67 Fixing linter warning errors
52beeae [action] golangci updates
88872e9 pinning certificates and cli-utils for easier testing
bd543ba Update ssh config default template attributes
8c4adde add Version:v2 to ssh config user data map, and updates to go mod
e2518d6 Fix directory list in context remove command
b59106b couple big fixes
67d3069 just leave it as kid
2eccb2b Fixing a load of errors from the PR review
573ae32 Small fixes
77ca7a5 More contexts work
1777f80 Update
c4af245 Remove commented code
7715b21 Updates for multiple SSH contexts and small fixes
c4b8a96 Update
d76fa89 HACK: apply the context in 'ssh config' if no team bootstrap
2ca4e86 for 'ca init' use caURL as the default value for contexts
b30347b [action] docs cli reference updater update for new docs repo
a912ef6 Merge pull request #571 from smallstep/hunter/ssh-renew
a26fef4 Fixing bugs and responding to PR review comments
ff56e5c A few fixes for PR review comments
014b1a3 Updated ssh renew description with user/host
e933aed Move hidden helper commands into functions.
da2d289 Addressing some PR commentary
b2a7182 Rebase fixes
f25bf20 fixing a few broken tests
3449a97 Over master rebase and merges
3765012 Bump to updated version of badger
c7b005b Fixing up when contexts are used for ca bootstrap and init
608b27b (wip) added context remove and general cleanup
27ebe5c (wip) managing step contexts
54cc391 Add context select, ca bootstrap helper, and ssh config helper
f77ad08 step ssh config working with --team
706084b allow config of context name and profile
b58d7b9 context set -> context select
e87c424 Add ability to bootstrap with team and authority subdomain
f816f1a move errs package to cli-utils
a8c2310 Add context flag to all relevant commands
860c213 Initial step path contexts commit
deb91a4 Merge pull request #568 from smallstep/max/increase-acme-challenge-time
e77fadb spelling
f440ac3 Move sleep to end of forloop and add small pre-sleep
1f1f8c3 Merge pull request #569 from isodude/master
3df1305 command/ca/provisionerbeta/provisioner.go: Spelling
767cefb command/ca/provisioner/add.go: Spelling
046f21c Increase time between acme validation attempts to 5 sec
2e7d363 changelog update
dc3694c Add entry in changelog


Those were the changes on v0.18.0!

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