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Step CLI v0.17.7 (21-10-20)

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7 months ago

Official Release Artifacts


OSX Darwin


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Signatures and Checksums

step uses sigstore/cosign for signing and verifying release artifacts.

Below is an example using cosign to verify a release artifact:

cosign verify-blob \
  -key \
  -signature ~/Downloads/step_darwin_0.17.7_amd64.tar.gz.sig

The checksums.txt file (in the 'Assets' section below) contains a checksum for every artifact in the release.


db06f64 bump certificates to v0.17.5
2e43d30 Merge pull request #563 from smallstep/callback-path
b224c95 Respond only to the path on --listen-url or /
1504e67 Merge pull request #549 from smallstep/sign-verify
8261017 Change step ca init questions.
de633d6 Change password-file usage.
8a66d76 Require --signature flag
e09d8a2 Add flags to usage text.
3b7ad51 Show require --key error.
83a87de Add missing argument value in example.
e5b5959 Split sign and verify in two files.
dd0fa88 USe bold text in --key argument.
9b7a6a4 Use type instead of name in flag value.
ec2a700 Merge pull request #560 from smallstep/max/ppc64
4308059 Allow external roots and update dependencies.
4c772f0 Remove debug statement.
a6b2862 Fix linter error.
336f54e Merge branch 'master' into sign-verify
1b3aa5f Use certificates@keyvault branch.
ea436a3 Allow to initialize using azurekms as a kms.
5f1e688 Add TODO comment.
a87d66f Fix hashes, add RSA-PSS, add docs to sign and verify commands.
7173926 Add missing sign options.
242f231 Upgrade to get cosign support
bbb8ba4 Add initial version of sign and verify command.


Those were the changes on v0.17.7!

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