github smallstep/cli v0.17.3-rc21

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pre-release8 months ago


8dcb117 gofmt -s linting errors
798360c [action] manually clean debian directory rather than using gitignore
014fe52 [action] Add go 1.17 to test matrix and use 1.17 for builds
b884a29 [action] goreleaser remove empty line
b28c3e3 [action] revert to .releases
bd5fbcd [action] replacing .releases with dist
3b6671d [action] place deb in ./dist directory for goreleaser
bf8f474 [action] run goreleaser with debug
c7a5199 [action] remove tmate debug session
8f612ed [action] restore debian/changelog before goreleaser run
df65891 [action] Add debian to gitignore
4f875c3 [action] introduce ssh tmate debug
4400880 [action] attempt to fix syntax error in goreleaser yml
49b5198 [action] correct use of DEB_PATH, signs has no extra_files
85be999 [action] build debian as part of goreleaser
1750814 [action] Try to put signatures in a directory.
dcbddb6 [action] avoid having path in sha256sum output | pin cosign installer
f737146 [action] sha256sum deb package and upload checksum along with deb
6650e02 Merge pull request #538 from aaribaud/fix-makefile-gopath-evaluation
e6d4ad6 Fix make bootstrap failing to install golangci-lint using GOPATH
8b4c498 Merge pull request #536 from davideger/master
024e266 Remove extra colon
8ea2d13 Update crypto/pemutil/pem_test.go
6388972 Update crypto/x509util/identity_test.go
04a4ce7 Update crypto/pemutil/pem_test.go
3bf37e5 Update tests to match current exception strings for malformed certs.
4f032be changelog update
f846e05 Merge pull request #532 from smallstep/max/docker-cosign

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