github smallstep/cli v0.17.2

latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.3-rc1, v0.18.2...
8 months ago


4c11bf9 Bump certificates to 0.17.2
e18aece 0.17.2 changelog update
dc44ae8 Merge pull request #528 from smallstep/max/cosign
f0a2bbc [action] write ephemeral cosign key to temp directory
1d68562 [action] testing on cosign key
979221d [action] goreleaser cosign new key pair
1dfebb0 empty commit
5da9927 [action] move cosign.key to github secrets
562e8b0 [action] install cosign for goreleaser
d66f3ad add cosign pwd to goreleaser action env
18c4ed9 updating go.sum for crypto and v0.17.0
9b6809c cosign for goreleaser
67ac519 Merge pull request #530 from smallstep/max/lint-bump
d89f936 bump golangci-lint to latest

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