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pre-release8 months ago


c4cdc8c Merge pull request #516 from smallstep/import
2a617c4 Fix typos.
3d0e5b6 Merge branch 'master' into import
faf1462 Merge pull request #527 from smallstep/max/space-finger
cdc3d4f Use master branch of certificates
359982d strip whitespace from fingerprint input flag
274d0c6 Merge pull request #524 from smallstep/max/admin-flags
e97cb3b Missing ** in a lot of admin flags
8600c6b Update usage infos for Admin API commands with admin flags
d7300d4 Remove --bundle flag from usage
37d74f0 Merge pull request #522 from smallstep/format-csr
ad3e20a Use CSR instead of certificate signing request.
4503999 Add support to format CSRs to DER and back to PEM.
3af53e6 Merge pull request #514 from smallstep/tommy-megan-rekey
03801f1 fix linting error
3e90b77 rekey selectively write private key
f26a408 A few fixes and also renew -> rekey in lots of places
88369b6 change wording
7df2634 Fixed --offline wrong keys
a670d51 Formatting and slight Cleaning up
fca3689 get rid of forced flags
e836d92 Formatting Fixes
794e583 fixed --out-cert / --out-key conditional
d189257 fix wording
5e1b173 Update rekey.go
8bdeba1 edit descriptions
01d8684 Formatting / Cleaning up
7fdec1d Changed how privateKey is written to file
d2bf0de use both out flags together
fe6a955 gofmt
f031aa3 Mostly Working
9d31e8e fix given private key
c8c6dad Changed flags
4b86fa2 Creates new cert with new key
2b166cc Changed out-cert and out-key flags
a607357 Add flags
1e803ab Fixed type error with CertificateRequests
8f20aeb Rekey function put in renew.go
49c8310 Added rekey to client.go
4d5f47b Skeleton of Rekey command
1497407 Update certificates dependency.
11ba4b3 Update linkedca and certificates dependencies.
3b8d788 Highlight hosted link
91c4bd4 Add description to deployment type select.
242c4b4 Update deployment type copy.
40ba2a9 fix usageText in ca revoke
e79fb20 Merge pull request #519 from smallstep/max/fix-renew-daemon
fc5172c lint fix for next param
a0eca7b compact switch statement and add missing next param in daemon
8b08cd1 error for invalid expires-in and fix renew daemon
20b91f3 Do not ask for deployment type on old non-interactive commands.
92b333c bump certinfo to 1.5.2 -- added permitted and excluded SANS output
e7905ee Adapt to new api after fixing linter errors.
67ccdc7 Add support for helm, and deployment types.
25c39a7 Add initial support for StepCAS RAs
786aab8 Add a README note about our S3 bucket's dependency on the scripts in powershell/
cd548ea Cleanup of arg names and flag descriptions for needs-renewal
766e38c Merge pull request #513 from devon-mar/ssh-needs-renewal
de01dd9 Add ssh needs-renewal command
8da5a5d Merge pull request #511 from smallstep/redirect-url
c07278b Clarify the use of the --redirect-url flag.
ca44894 Merge pull request #508 from smallstep/max/pr-label
8b96d25 Couple UI fixes for new issue page
9d2a471 Merge pull request #509 from smallstep/max/issue-config
499aced update new issue template
a990df5 Fix pull request labeler permissions
0a79aca Merge pull request #507 from smallstep/max/docker-tzdata
cb8b710 Add tzdata to the docker container
ef323bf Merge pull request #503 from smallstep/megan/fixPEM
d66a620 Remove whitespace between comment and example in inspect
b19f83d add spacing
430bacd fix gofmt
937fc25 add spacing
6643b77 allow echoed certs to be inspected
1f7a507 inspect echoed certs

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