github smallstep/cli v0.16.0

latest releases: v0.20.0, v0.19.0, v0.18.3-rc1...
10 months ago


4ff5916 go mod tidy -- certificates to 0.16.0
402407a Merge pull request #490 from smallstep/max/admin-fixes
78b23b0 Addressing a few more PR comments
5ae7843 fixing pointer errors in provisioner update
70cebf5 A few fixes for admin workflow commands and ...
26c39c1 Move "admin credentials not found" print higher
864ffe8 Update cli admin prompt
43496d0 go mod updates
cce2ea8 Admin workflow CLI v1
74aef56 Merge pull request #495 from smallstep/megan/expiration
ac40eae Use flag errors for expires-in parse errors
0c36611 Put the flags and the Descriptions back
de3c152 Tested and builds without error
40fb340 cleanup
8b89362 add functionality to check a certificates public key
77b95ba Bit of cleanup and simplification
4d67f07 Update needsRenewal.go
8e924fe Format/ Lint error Fix
88a2762 Moved Over Needs-Renewal Changes
33d39db Update public.go
0ff88f0 fix formatting
9a9b3e1 fix formatting
93eff85 fix format
e74ddcc add function to check certificates public key
1187e48 update to verdancy
c7d80d9 update to verdancy
f57c70e Formatting Fix
f813499 changed math
48b362e changed if else statements to return number value
1d76695 updated names and wording
181018e added color names
c781dea Merge branch 'megan/expiration' of into megan/expiration
3f645af Fixed Error Message
d61bcc1 Update certificate.go
a20f560 Go Formatting Ran
421d603 add check expiration as a flag
c8bd51c added check expiration to description
002c73e added expire to check verdancy

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