github smallstep/cli v0.15.8-rc14

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pre-release14 months ago


f6edb2c Merge pull request #436 from smallstep/max/action
54b7a0d [action] add renamed debian files
743182b [action] pin to 1.15.8
67a5314 [action] bump test gover to ^1.15.8
109cf42 [action] change debian package name step-cli -> step
73ec847 go mod tidy
15328a1 Merge pull request #435 from smallstep/max/fix-ps-install
01073eb [action] Keep template of install-step.ps1 locally
25fa999 [action] fix microsoft install action
993be64 Merge pull request #433 from smallstep/print-roots
11d630b Do not require output file in step ca root and related commands.
1623ea3 Merge pull request #432 from smallstep/fix-read-password
44f0507 Use utility function to read password from file.
68c6e4d Remove unnecessary comment in Makefile
62d721c Merge pull request #426 from smallstep/max/action

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