github smallstep/cli v0.15.17-rc2.crt-mgr

latest releases: v0.19.0, v0.18.3-rc1, v0.18.2...
pre-release11 months ago


1d80867 pin certificates
3e2ce4f Fix linting error
7b1e2f8 Print new beta provisioner as protojson
8c2b7a6 Moving new commands to beta
0b18f11 linting errors
a640582 wip
e798f25 Add x5c admin to other mgmt api commands
ad6d183 Add spaces to admin list between prov name and type
e0fe5f9 bump cli-utils withX5CCerts
e52afe5 wip
7a41da0 wip
fc81669 wip
c2bc8c0 wip
0dcb9a9 wip
deddd8c wip
ef4b86b wip admin CRUD
4441ba0 first steps
dc1fc21 [action] labeler to v3
66cfa2b Merge pull request #482 from smallstep/upgrade-deps
cc95c93 Upgrade x/crypto
211d1a4 Use
fca120a Merge pull request #471 from smallstep/revert-oidc-principals
96cefcc Clarify some comments.
b88a666 Merge pull request #481 from smallstep/max/insecure
bff3f1d Reverse insecure and --no-password in RequireWithFlag
1e905a1 Merge pull request #479 from smallstep/carl/ps-autoinstaller
2c3de2c Dynamically determine version number of latest GitHub release in PowerShell installer
3e6fd0a Merge pull request #478 from smallstep/carl/arm6
915ad93 Append original subject to list of principals.
dd2d656 Clarify comment for OIDC tokens.
6ba999b Revert "Remove principals when OIDC provisioner is used."
0c3921f Remove principals when OIDC provisioner is used.

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