github smallstep/cli v0.15.15

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13 months ago


b5a3019 Bump to certificates 0.15.13
8a3175b Merge pull request #463 from smallstep/proxy-always
6a7e35e Specify always a Proxy in all custom transports.
ce74194 Merge pull request #462 from smallstep/max/ipv4
afd0378 Force ipv4 in unit test and go.sum updates for go1.16.3
371a8b0 Bump certificates to 0.15.12 and go mod tidy
df7c7dd Small README tweak
64bd726 Merge pull request #452 from smallstep/max/acme
866b6eb Fix 'update cli reference' job
2e170e9 Merge pull request #458 from smallstep/carl/quiet-check-host
8eead2a Switch to --verbose
9627abf Fix grammar in inspect documentation
039e718 Add --quiet option to step ssh check-host
5038f8f Merge pull request #454 from smallstep/max/install
ee4abd3 Updates to README

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