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WoeUSB v3.0.0

This release includes major improvements to WoeUSB.

  • We now support using NTFS filesystem as the target partition's filesystem, thanks to the UEFI:NTFS loader made by Rufus's author.
    • NOTE: By using --device creation method and setting --target-filesystem to NTFS the UEFI:NTFS loader will be downloaded from Rufus's repository on GitHub, internet access is required and you shall be acknowledge with the security concerns of using Rufus's software
    • NOTE: For --partition creation method to support booting, it must be repartitioned to include the UEFI:NTFS partition first
    • NOTE: Unfortunately the UEFI:NTFS loader isn't Secureboot-signed, disable Secureboot during using it is required
    • NOTE: Only available in CLI.
  • Although might not be noticeable, another major refactoring is done in the code, please report any regressions on using this release.
  • We added more status(green) messages to improve our transparency of the underlying building process

Also some compatibility breaking change is made, thus the bumping of the major version :

  • --format and --install legacy option has now been obsoleted


latest releases: v3.3.1, v3.3.0, v3.2.12...
3 years ago