github slacka/WoeUSB v2.2.0
WoeUSB v2.2.0

This release brought several fixes and improvements to WoeUSB


  • For 64bit systems with large primary memory(i.e. RAM), a noticible severe system unresponding issue during file copying process is now workarounded.(issue #113)
  • Now for full device installation(--device), a wipefs call has now being included to clean-up all known partition table and filesystem signatures to avoid grub-install failure due to false positives being detected.(issue #61)

Also this release contains a large portion of development and maintainence changes:

  • Many bug fixes for Debian policy compliance, although not ready for inclusion into the Debian software archive yet.
  • Many Bash scripting improvements powered by ShellCheck

Special thanks:

  • We would like to thank @mprahl and @leon-anavi for fixing various English grammar issues and typos in our documentation and code.


latest releases: v3.3.1, v3.3.0, v3.2.12...
3 years ago