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WoeUSB v2.1.0

This release mainly brought the following two changes:

  • --install and --format installation options are deprecated in favor of --partition and --device, to be more clear what both options will do
    The old options will still be available until WoeUSB v3.0
  • From now on, GRUB will pause for ENTER keystroke before starting to load Windows, this helps users to know if any error happens in GRUB stage.(only applies to legacy booting)


Detailed Changelog since v2.0.11

  • b25db28 - 林博仁 - src/woeusb: install_bootloader_grub: pause before continue chainloading operating system
  • 25132b9 - 林博仁 - src/woeusb: rename --install to --partition and --format to --device
  • 5d66a8f - 林博仁 - src/woeusb: Cleanup: Remove redundant line-continuation escapes in command substitution
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