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WoeUSB v2.0.11

This release fixes Windows 7 EFI booting workaround for the case where the source image already have EFI directories.

The primary issue is that according to UEFI spec the efi directory path isn't case-sensitive, we have to detect them regardless of its case and use it as the bootmgfw.efi extract destination.

Also this implements check to skip workaround if any existing efi bootloader is found.

Source media seems to be Windows 7-based with EFI support, applying workaround to make it support UEFI booting
workaround_support_windows_7_uefi_boot: DEBUG: /media/woeusb_target_1497366090_22500/efi detected.
workaround_support_windows_7_uefi_boot: DEBUG: /media/woeusb_target_1497366090_22500/efi/boot detected.
INFO: Detected existing EFI bootloader, workaround skipped.

Related-GitHub-Issue: windows 7 iso failed · Issue #91 · slacka/WoeUSB
Reported-by: kabnaj
Original-patch-by: kabnaj
Signed-off-by: 林博仁

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4 years ago