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19 days ago
  • MySQL 8.3 is now marked as supported (31239e7)
  • MariaDB 11.3 is now marked as supported (c05a1fa)
    • In MariaDB 11.3+, modifying a column's data type from inet4 to inet6 is no longer considered unsafe
  • Several improvements and edge case fixes for Docker workspaces, especially when using an arm64 system (e.g. Apple Silicon)
    • When copying the sql_mode from the target database server and applying it to the Dockerized instance, if the flavors/versions of the two databases differ, incompatible sql_mode values are now removed automatically (686294e)
    • When using an arm64 client system with a MySQL 5.x requested flavor, utf8mb4 columns now use the old MySQL 5.x collation default in the Dockerized instance, despite it actually running MySQL 8.0 for arm64 compatibility (48d2074)
    • When using an arm64 client system with a MySQL 5.x requested flavor, utf8mb3 columns could cause an uncaught panic due to a logic bug, which is now fixed (58e9338, #226)
    • Percona Server 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 images are now available regardless of CPU architecture; previously 8.0 was only available for amd64, and 8.1+ was unavailable entirely (f7753c1, e50f754, da0e8e1)
    • If the requested flavor value is a release series newer than the current version of Skeema, a non-fatal warning is now logged; previously this caused a fatal error (a45dbf2)
  • Logging improvement: word wrapping is now disabled automatically if STDERR is a narrow terminal window below 80 characters in width (4ab585c)
  • MariaDB bug fix: when using foreign key constraints in MariaDB 10.6+, Skeema's workspace cleanup step could sometimes stall due to database server bug MDEV-32899; this condition is now avoided by using a low innodb_lock_wait_timeout and retries during workspace cleanup (a5ed51d)
  • MariaDB bug fix: in lint-reserved-word, erroneous handling of two MariaDB-specific reserved words has been corrected (0c0b8a8)
  • Premium edition bug fix: when using SSH tunnel functionality to connect to a server that only has an RSA host key, previously the rsa-sha2-512 or rsa-sha2-256 algorithms would not be attempted by Skeema during the handshake. This is now fixed, thanks to a community contribution to our open source knownhosts wrapper package. (skeema/knownhosts#6)

Thank you to all code contributors and issue reporters!

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