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RTPProxy 3.0 Release Notes

Sippy Labs is thrilled to introduce RTPProxy 3.0. This release introduces significant enhancements and new features since the previous release 2.2 four years ago.

Major Improvements

  • Revamped Architecture: We have rearchitected major subsystems for more parallelism, significantly improving performance.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: RTPProxy 3.0 ensures extended support for third-party extension modules.
  • Full Support for Video and Encrypted Calls: The new release can handle video and encrypted calls, solidifying RTPProxy's position as a comprehensive solution for real-time communication needs.

Performance Enhancements

  • Polling: We've replaced the use of poll() with epoll()/kqueue() for RTP/RTCP sockets polling.
  • RTCP Handling: Now runs in its own dedicated thread.
  • Media Generation: Playback now runs in a separate thread.
  • Elimination of Bottleneck: We've eliminated a significant synchronization bottleneck that was affecting the command-processing thread.
  • Hashing Algorithm: For handling sessions hash tables, we've switched to xxHash, a high-performing hashing algorithm.

New Features

  • Library Version of RTPProxy: This version allows RTPProxy to be embedded into other real-time communication software.
  • DTLS Gateway Module: This new module can translate between encrypted and non-encrypted streams and perform back-to-back re-encryption of already encrypted streams for recording purposes.

For more detailed information, please refer to our full RTPProxy 3.0 Release Information.

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