github sindresorhus/got v9.1.0

  • Add got.mergeInstances() which lets you easily compose multiple instances of Got into a single one. It's like plugins without any of the plugin mess. (#510) f0b190a
  • Normalize the URL in the baseUrl option. (#579) c901c46
  • Follow redirects with encoded URI. (#564) 3d98b9b
  • Allow the query option to be a URLSearchParams instance. (#565) b8a086f
  • Support retrying on 500 HTTP status code. a3e77de
  • Bump get-stream to 0.4.0 for improved handling of stream edge-cases. (#578) 45d3a60
  • Normalize the casing of the method option. (#547) ecf3180
  • Fix the agent option with got.extend(). (#577) 2ffcd49
  • Fix throwing errors when using (#550) ae5b114
  • Ignore empty query objects. (#572) eb652f8

latest releases: v11.7.0, v11.6.2, v11.6.1...
2 years ago