github sindresorhus/got v11.4.0

  • Fix hanging promise on timeout on HTTP error 934211f951bfd56751e90ec4eabe6379d8541a05
  • Use async iterators to get response body (#1256) 7dcd1456a68a2603d30cbb1a4e453c4560bd51b2
  • Fix promise not returning Buffer on compressed response 5028c11abd21c9d13bb3b12abb02961ec0465a8a
  • Clarify options.encoding docs 04f3ea4b7995e1609555dd13f00641b8f470de4c
  • Fix unhandled The server aborted pending request rejection 728aef989c1a6650d2b42a7f69b603075b5d35bf
  • Add missing ECONNRESET code to an abort error d325d353a28e6038140aa5b18f2b6f9f796f10b6
  • Fix prefixUrl not working when the url argument is empty 8d3412abb8aae3cefc75dd6f9e698988ed463dd6
  • Improve the searchParams option 4dbada94e261ad890d2478c313ec3d74761b659e
  • Fix non-enumerable options [such as body] not being used 8f775c71c41a377186c6b38c6789542bfd523039
latest releases: v11.7.0, v11.6.2, v11.6.1...
13 months ago